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Like a chisel and mallet, software is a tool that should feel balanced in the hand, strong and reliable—inspiring the user as they work, without distraction.

—William Larsen

About William

William began his design journey at the early age of sixteen. Hired to run a Gutenberg printing press, his manager realized his artistic skills and placed him in the graphic design department. There, William focused on visual communication: layout, color and typography.

With a natural passion for technology, he took these visual skills and began building websites. Hand coding in HTML, CSS and Javascript helped him to understand the engineering aspect of building web properties.

Hired as an adjunct faculty member, William spearheaded the first courses in web design with a unique emphasis on information architecture, usability, navigation and content strategy.

Soon thereafter, in the nascent days of the mobile revolution, William realized the amazing design opportunities on the horizon. Jumping on an airplane, he attended Apple’s WWDC (World Wide Developer’s Conference) where he tracked down an engineer he could partner with to design his first iOS application. Within 5 months they had designed and released their first application.

From there, William worked for several startups in the consumer software space, a boutique enterprise company and most recently for Google as a Staff Interaction Designer.

Please note: portfolio section is WORK IN PROGRESS